Server setup Guide

Hi Im looking around for a setup guide for centos that will allow for perfect integration of the ZTL control panel and the other comodo features but there don’t seem to be many around (or at least I cant find them ???). I have found this one from Howtoforge and want to know if this is the right way to go before setting up ZTL or if somebody could point me to a setup guide thats more appropriate for the ZTL I would be most apreciative as I am still only a beginner at linux and this will be my first attempt at both Centos and ZTL

Thanks (:WAV)

ZTL is only compatible with Cent OS 4.x (We are working on 5.x compatibility)
Installation is easy. Install minimal set of packages. After that install ZTL
Follow this instructions:

Once ZTL is installed, you will be able to add modules (like web, mail, database, etc…) via web interface.

Thanks iseletsk

Ill now download a copy of centos 4.x. Im only on a 512 connection so thats going to take another 12to14hours.

Id still like to see if I can get it running on centos 5.x if possible.

I did manage to get centos 5.x downloaded and installed. Managed to download and install ZTL but then it states that it needs to be started so I opened a terminal window and ran the command
service ztl start
and got an error message. Do I need to be in a particular location to run the command or am I not doing it right? Only ever used Ubuntu server previously so am unfamiliar with the methods of doing stuff the centos way. ???

Also just as info Im running it in VMware on xp for testing purposes so Im also wondering if there is any peculiarities that this might bring about. (:NRD)

Thanks :SMLR

What error did you get ?
Did you read this post -,8937.0.html ?

Thanks Its now working. I had only installed the first package. It now works.

Having a play and will get back in the next day or so and tell how it went.

Steve (J)