Server Migration


So I’ve had installed Comodo ESM on a test server which has subsequently died (I was expecting it too but was squeezing the life out of it - Sadistic???)…

Anyway, I prepped my second server with a fresh ESM installation, moved over all my policies, and hijacked the IP of the old server…

Result… Clients begin to connect. I now have a full list of all the computers that were talking to the old server… but with a problem… They know that wasn’t the server they were connected to before. They will still receive the updates, but refuse any response to the console.

They show this message;
Security error: Agent is configured to work with another CESM server.

So the good thing is that the Comodo agent is at least aware I’ve tried to trick it. The bad thing is I want to complete this migration.

The machines are on a workgroup and all the computers have the same password on an admin account. They are a mix of XP & Windows 7 machines with the odd Vista laptop thrown in to make things difficult. Obviously this means GP is out of the question.

So I now have the agent on a USB stick, but as these machines are spread around different depots I am not willing to install on each that method (like I did originally).

Has anyone got a solution for installing the agent again on all these machines that I can automate somewhat.

Thanks in advance!

One thing I would make sure is that the new server has the same netbios name as the last server.

You can push the agent via the CESM console. Use the following method to push clients:

Active Directory Environment:

  • Right click on the OU (group) that you want to push clients to.
  • Click Control
  • Click Manage then install agents
  • Follow steps to push client.

Non AD Environment:

  • Right click on Root or highlight the machines you want to push client to.
  • Click Control
  • Click Manage then install agents
  • Follow steps to push client.

This method with push clients to all machine on the network. You may have to uninstall the client then reinstall. To do that follow the same steps as above except Unmanage then Uninstall agents.

Hi etaftm,

Thanks for your response. Taken me over a month to respond as I’ve been mentally busy. I had a bit of a nightmare with this, ended up just walking around reinstalling the agent of a USB stick manually, as I had a few other tweaks per machine to make also.

Currently I’m rebuilding the servers from scratch as they were left in a state from the previous IT so none of the machines are on a Domain. This made pushing the agent a pain in the arse. I couldn’t push out en-masse using your method, but I could one machine at a time, but it was sketchy at best.

I appreciate the ‘non-official’ support. I’m sure you’ve had as much fun with this product as I have.

Comodo, pull your finger out and stop making new apps and finish the ones you’ve made… Especially the one’s like this that cost money and are used in LIVE environiments. Don’t see you business customers as disposable, which is really how it appears at times. This product could compliment an awesome AV, but it’s unfinished and buggy. It has a awful GUI. If it wasn’t for the fact I knew the AV was solid I’d have ditched it altogether. Sort out the ESM. It’s nowhere near finished.

There is a beta version of the new ESM 2.0 out right now. it is completely different then the old ones and a lot of bugs are being worked out right now. i did not use the older versions but by the feedback from users that have it seems a lot better. if you would like to get a copy of the beta just fill this out