Server based management/updater/installer for CAVS & firewall clients?

A few months ago I had some interest email conversations with Melih and was amazed (and pleased!) that Comodo is aiming for commercial use of it’s free products rather than home use only.

To that end, it would be great to have a central management interface to install/manage/monitor client machines on the network.

BTW - great work!

mid December we will have a version for Central Management :slight_smile:
you can be the first to try it out :slight_smile:
pls watch this space :slight_smile:


Hey AJ,

Just for info, have a loo at,587.75.html

This is being kicked around by a few members and Comodo are following this closely. If you can contribute anything, please jump in. The more heads the merrier.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi Melih!

Is there any news on the release of Central Management?



Hi Ewen - I’ll certainly check out the post and contribute what I can :THNK

Maybe comodo could start packaging its products in MSI installers. I’m no sysadmin, but I thought those were easier for windows shops to roll out?

HI Melih!

Just wondering if there is any news on the release of Central Management?



in jan sometime fingers crossed.


Hi Melih,

Just wondered how things were progressing as January is nearly April :wink:

He actually meant Septobuary. :wink:

Software release schedules are notoriously elastic and things do tend to slip a bit. Melih did a radio interview recently where he let slip that there would be a centralised management component and a silent install option in version 3 of the firewall (due 16th April, but this also could slip to Septobuary). Hopefully these will make it into the first cut of the V3 beta.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I forgot to cross my fingers :slight_smile:

We are doing v3 of the firewall first, then we will have central management.


Hey Melih!

Fingers still crossed ??? Just wondering if the central management is still on the drawing board somewhere. Great work on CFP3 BTW.



Not too much longer. Still not to beta stage, but definitiely not still on the back burner.

Ewen :slight_smile:

confirmed :slight_smile:


Thanks guys. Looking forward to it!

I’m not sure if this is what AJHunt had in mind, but I would love to see an update manager.

My problem at the moment is that I am using a borrowed laptop that runs Norton. My application keeps stalling and when I kill it and restart the system tells me that ccsvchost.exe was the culprit.

So I try to be charitable. Maybe Symantec has fixed the problem, I think, and I have just not installed the security updates, just the way I have not installed the Adobe Flash updates :frowning: and the Picasa updates. I don’t mind updating. What I mind is that when the updates finish they usually demand that I restart the machine, usually when I am doing something else.

When I’m ready to install the updates, as I am now, they are scattered all the over the place.

If I had an app that grouped all my updates in one place I could authorize them to update, and then restart the system once. I could deal with that. Especially if I could click on it at the end of my session, instead of the way the updates popups appear at the beginning of my session.

I realize that this is not really a suggestion for a security product, but I think it could be helpful for Endpoint Security Manager. In that case, it’s the network administrator who has to authorize all those updates anyway.

Thanks and happy new year.