Serious regression after update to latest version

I have now have Comodo Internet Security v12.2.2.7037 now which I so regret.

It is buggy!

  • It creates several “cavwp.exe”.
  • On occasion it also displays corrupt notifications. For example no process name or a chinese character. Either or IP and so on.
  • Notifications can also hang as in clicking Block or Block and terminate doesn’t do anything and the notification refuse to go away.
  • cmdagent.exe crashes often.
  • The network monitor doesn’t work. It always look like the attached picture.
  • The updater ALWAYS redownloads the virus database even though I already have the latest one.
  • When restarting windows several updaters are started and can’t be stopped.

All this is happening because I updates to the latest version. The version I had worked perfectly!

OS: Windows 7 x64

The latest version is, why don’t you upgrade it to this version, but still focus on the old one?

That’s odd. When I ran the updater v12.2.2.7037 is what it updated to. Have now updated again after finally gotten control of the spammy updaters. It now say v12.2.2.8012.

Do you want the crash dumps anyway? I only need to know how to send them privately. Got them compressed and ready to be sent.

7037 was an intermediate update before updating to 7062, 8012 is the latest final build, you should only report issues if you experience them on the latest available version. I would to a clean re-install of 8012 to make sure the latest version is installed correctly. If you still experience issues, then you can supply crash dumps from the new version.