Serious Problem Sure Involving Invincea Sandboxie

Hi, Folks:

I have a very serious problem here. Since a relatively long past, although intermittently, I have been using Sandboxie (, a program I AM ABSOLUTELY sure is somehow involved in harmful behavior, such as the encryption of my hard drive for malign purposes, of course — dunno whether it is for “ramson” purpsoses though. In fact, I think its objective is not like the usual ones of evil programs such as those known as Wannacries or the likes of them, BUT I AM ABSOLUTELY, and I say ABSOLUTELY SURE, it is to harm me and my system. ALSO, AGAIN, I ASSERT that I AM ABSOLUTELY SURE’s sandboxing program has to do with this harmful attempts of damaging my system and thus causing me lots of harm, for these attempts ONLY occur when I have it installed, LICENSED [!] and running on my system. When it is NOT installed and, obviously, not running here, NO problem occurs. Please, also note that your fine Comodo security software is NEVER able to block it or prevent it from causing damage to my system. This is the case of any other security software, by the way, such as of Malwarebytes, Emsisoft Anti-Malware, AVAST etc. None of these can stop it or, what’s more, prevent an invisible or unknown program that uses’ sandboxing program (which may have a security flaw in its code) as a CHANNEL or an INSTRUMENT for trying to damage my system in the way described above. I am running a Brazilian Portuguese version of Windows 10x64 Home up to date and, currently, have no security program installed and running here, nor, of course, Sandboxie itself anymore. Please, don’t suggest me to contact them guys at Sandboxie. I tried to do this, but it was useless, since, considering the HIGH possibility that they are involved in this, they won’t help me, ever.

You should also note that I am politically persecuted in my country. That said, please consider that the people involved in attempts of doing me harm are powerful moneyed ones and thus they may be ready to spend any amount of money to pay any hacker to try and bust my system. With all due respect to your programming and security skills and undoubtful competence, maybe not even you and your tech buddies will be able to stop them. Sorry to say this. In any case, I do have some hope you may be able to help me somehow.

Thanks in advance for any help you may provide.

Kind regards and my gratitude.


PS: Devidamente revisado segundo o Novo Acordo Ortográfico. Não se deve julgar o livro pela pressa. Eu sou demais…

Hack who is willing to invade, chase … someone is as criminal and cowardly as who pays for it. I do not doubt that there are cases like the one reported by you and it is just as human cowardice expresses itself through the internet, be it through bullyng or persecution quoted by you.

Comodo protects well, but if you’re looking for it … and not even the best protected system could protect.