Serious Install Uninstall problem

I have spent several hours of valuable time trying to find this exact problem in
the forums. I have seen many similar with many different fixes that sometimes work for one and Not work for another.

The firewall quit loading on startup. So, I decided to Uninstall it and Reinstall it. I went in to program files and the firewall directory and told it to Uninstall.
A message box appeared saying to delete the shortcuts manually.

Now, it will not Reinstall because it has a message box that says it is still on the system and was installed by an older installer. It is Not listed in the Control Panel under Add/Remove programs.
Does Comodo Have a Fix For This?? HELP!
I don’t want to reformat to uninstall a program.
Can it be resolved by editing the registry? (:AGY) (:SAD)

Congratulations, Tracy522!

I saw this to happen!

I made a cleanness with the “CCleaner” and reinstalled firewall.
It functioned!

■■■■ Cleaner v1.41