Sephiroth versus Ragwing [Resolved]

Greetings all,

I wan’t to post my excuse to everyone who thought this would be a cool battle with AoE spells and everything, sorry, it’s not.

What I’d like to know is what name I should use, since I can’t decide myself.
Also, feel free to post reason why you like the name the most.

With my greatest excuses for everyone who wanted a AoE battle,


P.S AoE stands for Area of Effect and is a spell that hits multiple targets :wink: D.S

Ragwing (:KWL)

Sephiroth (:NRD)

Hope this answeres ur question :BNC
Novie (:WIN)

And can only be beaten by a PoQ spell. :smiley:

Ask an aussie - he’ll know!

Well, at 2 votes, looks like Ragwing’s winning… ;D

Stick w/whatever you like; the DungeonMaster says it’s okay until the 22nd Level DeathKnight joins the fray.

Oh my, are those D&D roots showing? (:WIN)


I know who Sephiroth is, but Ragwing I don’t. Seems poor for some reason: it has a wing (so does Sephiroth - aka One-Winged Angel), but wears a rag for a clothing article?

Who’s the 22nd Level DeathKnight? :open_mouth:
I’d have to call my friend Yuna so Yoyimbo’s Zanmato can take care of that problem…

Google Ragwing and you’ll find out :stuck_out_tongue:
And yes, I’m poor…


You have internet. You can’t be that poor. Unless you’re using the library computer to post off-topic content in a security forum. Now that would be strange.

Actually, my dad pays ;D


That makes sense. I keep forgetting that you’re just a child. You certainly are mature for that age (like Justin). Good boys! (:AGL) Awww…

Yeah… Mature… (:KWL)


It’s a lot better playing FF for 1000 hours off the streets than rummaging the neighbourhood at night.

Yes it is, or spamming a security forum :slight_smile:


I voted for Ragwing, that’s how I know you. :slight_smile:

Besides I had a friend many years ago, who called himself Sephiroth online. This friend turned out to be… not so friendly, so I don’t really like the name. :wink:


Now that I think of it, having Sephiroth as the name above your forum-generated title is an ironic combo. Sephy was the main antagonist in ff who seeked to destroy the world, so how can he be a hero (to the good and sane)? Specifically, Lord Soth (although he might be/have been higher than 22nd Level). Back in the days b4 computers & online gaming. We actually rolled dice… ;D

How about Sepinkroth?

Good night.


No thanks :smiley:

I never said he was a hero, did I? :slight_smile:

Maybe that ‘friend’ was the real Sephiroth :o

Looks like Sephiroth’s going back to hell :BNC


EDIT: I’ve learnt Omnislash and sent Sephiroth back to hell now :wink:

I know this topic is closed, but if this makes any difference I prefer Ragwing :slight_smile:

Pfffft. Wimps. Giving in to peer pressure.