Sending PDF attachments to a fax# via email?

Does Trustfax allow sending PDF attachments to a fax# via email?

The following documentation on send faxes by email does not mention anything about attachments:


You can send files as an attachment in an email when using the trustfax email to fax.

Trustfax can convert many different file formats to a fax format. If you try to send an unsupported file format, the tracking information in your account will have a status of fax error. You can click on the link “fax error” for more detailed instructions.
The most common file types that we see being faxed by our customers are doc, pdf, tif, gif, jpg, and rtf. Those file types are supported. The list below is a complete list of file formats that are support by trustfax.

The following lists the program, version and extension that can converted for faxing:
Adobe Acrobat version 1.0 - 6.0, PDF
Adobe Framemaker version 6, MIF
Adobe Photoshop version 4, PSD
Bitmap, BMP
Corel Draw version 6.0 - 8.0, CDR
Corel/Novell Quattro Pro version 1.0 - 10
Corel/Novell Word Perfect version 1.0 - 10, WPD
GEM Paint, IMG
Graphics Interchange Foramt, GIF
Hpertext Markup Language, HTM HTML
IBM Picture Interchange Format version 1, PIF
Joint Photographic Experts, JPG JPEG JPE
Kodak Flash PIX, FPX
Kodak Photo CD version 1.0, PCD
Lotus 1-2-3 version 1.0 - 5.0, WK1 WK3 WK4 WKS
MacPaint, PNTG
Micrografx Designer version 1.0 - 3.1
Micrografx Designer version 6, DRW
Micrografx Draw Draw version 1.0 - 4.0, DRW
Microsoft Access version 1.0 - 2.0
Microsoft Binder version 7.0 - 97, OBD
Microsoft Excel Charts version 2.x - 7.0, XLS XLC XLT XLW (verify the converted file prior to faxing to ensure that Excel page breaks don’t make additional fax pages)
Microsoft Excel version 2.2 - 2003, XLS (verify the converted file prior to faxing to ensure that Excel page breaks don’t make additional fax pages)
Microsoft Outlook Message, text only MSG
Microsoft PowerPoint version 3.0 - 2003, PPT PPS
Microsoft Project verison 98 text only
Microsoft Rich Text Format, RFT
Microsoft Word, DOC
Microsoft Works for Windows version 1.0 - 40, WPS
Paint Shop Pro Win32 only version 5.0 - 6.0, PSP
PC Paintbrush, PCX
Portable BitMap, PBM
Portable Grayscale, PGM
Portable Network Graphics version 1, PNG
Postscript Level II, PS
Tagged Image File version 1.0 - 6, TIF TIFF
Text Mail, MIME
Visio version 5, VSD
Windows Enhanced Metafile, EMF
Windows Metafile, WMF
WordPerfect Graphics version 1.0 - 2.0, WPG
WordStar 2000 version 1.0 - 3.0, DOC

I was wondering if it is possible to attach additional pages to the fax this way. I got the simple cover page to go thru, but not an attachement. Thanks :■■■■

Using the trustfax email to fax allows for file attachments in the formats listed in a prior reply.
PDF file format documents can be attached and sent as an email to trustfax.

Here is the link about email to fax and a sample email:

Here are the steps to send a fax using your email and trustfax.
1 - Compose an new email
2 - In the email to field put the fax number of where you want to send the fax . For example if you are faxing to 1-801-555-1212
3 - Enter the subject
4 - In the body of the email, the following fields are required to make the email to fax work. You can find the username and code in your account under account info - preference - email to fax code and under account info - login. Do not enter spaces after the “:”.
5 - Attach the file to fax
Send the email and the attachment and cover page will be faxed.

If you wish to add a message and an attention name on the coverpage, you can add the following to the body of the email under the username and code text:

message:enter the text that you want to appear on the cover sheet
Attention:the person’s name

The message and attention text fields are optional and are not need to send with the email to fax

If you don’t want a coverpage to be faxed, don’t add a message: or attention: text to the body of the email. In it’s place add the following:

your account has an online tracking history so that you can view the status of the fax. You can also turn on the abilty to have trustfax send you an notification with the success/fail status of a fax transmission.