"Send to Comodo for Analysis" does not work

I have just installed the latest CPF ( using Win 2k sp4.

When I click on “Send to Comodo for Analysis” in a pop up it says there is no connection available which is wrong otherwise you would not be reading this.

Maybe it is trying to use IE which is blocked on this computer.

Can you temporarily allow IE and retry to see if it is the problem? Btw, what about the previous GUI init error?Does it appear again?



I did allow IE and had it running but still the same. The error message is

CF Submit Utility

Your internet connection is not active. Please check your connection and try again.

There does not seem to be any attempt to connect to IE but should add that it is an old version, 5 I think. Have never bothered updating it as I do not use it.

I am running PG full but it is not flagging anything up

Re the GUI error. Sorry, I should have updated you. So far it has not re-appeared. Have only done one cold boot, but will let you know if it comes back.