SELinux enable or disable when installing ZTL?

Please forgive all my noob questions!

During installation of ZTL, I have the choice of enabling or disabliing SELinux.
Would it be wise to enable SELinux? In the past I have run into horrible problems when installing packages on an SELinux enabled system. (Took a lot of time to figure out.)

Do all features packed into ZTL have a correct SELInux policy? If yes and there are also no problems to be expected when doing the occasional upgrade through the ZTL GUI, would it be OK to enable SELinux?

Just asking since I am planning to put this box on a public IP.

Any pointers are very much appreciated.

We strongly recommend you to disable SELinux on ZTL. You will get many server configuration problems with enabled SELinux

Thank you for confirming this.

I saw that upgrading the server through the ZTL GUI will put CentOS at version 4.5. The ZTL GUI will still say 4.4 but the console says 4.5.