I find I can delete the files easily in the folder where the CFP has been installed,why CFP don’t protect itself?

Hello rcbblgy,

I tried to delete a file in that folder and I did get a pop-up from CFP3 asking to ok it so they are kind of protected by the firewall if a person reads the alert. Locking the folder from being deleted is probably what you are talking about though.

I think they are concentrating on getting everything working at this point and keeping anything that could conflict down to a minimum. Melih has said that they will harden the firewall before the finall release. I am assuming that means protecting the firewall files from being tampered with also.


Hello jasper2408

I want to know did you set a rule to protect the folder?

Go to Defense+>Common Tasks>My Protected Files and just add the files you want to be notified about there. I added the Comodo folder to that section and when I tried to delete them the firewall would give me a popup.


Thank you , I have known that , but if the CFP exit , the folder cannot be protected . Maybe I think too much (:LGH)

Yes you are right about them not being protected by the firewall if the firewall is closed but I am confident that Comodo will not leave those files unprotected in the final release of CFP3.

In that scenario nothing would be protected.


I hope so and I expect for the final very much (L)

I think you will be happy with the final release of CFP3 and be very happy with the amount of control and protection it will offer.


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