Self Extracting CBU - not recognized as win32 application

Hi all,

Backup completed all good, but when I open the .exe file as I’ve selected Self extracting CBU file - windows doesn’t find it valid so i can’t restore my files

Also when i try to “restore” using the restore tab in CB it’s asking for a password of which I didn’t set



Self extracting backups that are created on a 64 bit Windows are viewed as invalid Win32 application on 32-bit Windows.
If this is your case, then you need to restore on a 64 bit machine.
Password is being asked because only .cbu files can be restored in restore TAB. If the file is not valid cbu, it’s assumed to be encrypted.


Thats not my case then; as I’m using windows XP 32-bit

I’ve recreated the backup as .cbu