Self-defense options


To: Employees COMODO

Please see this topic :

I hope you make self-defense options in the next version(v5.4).


Comodo already has self defense.

Hello Heffed

Comodo already has self defense.

Yes, but I see a bug :

{MBAM (Hitman Pro etc) can delete Comodo files,also user can delete Comodo files manually} :cry:

Please do not justify , bug in it, is obvious. Comodo Self-defense is not Perfect (You must accept).

Good luck

CIS allows users to do as he or she pleases including silly things as deleting CIS files. CIS does not protect the user from making mistakes. An unknown program is not able to delete CIS files from disk.

Trusted Applications like MBAM, Hitman Pro etc indeed can delete CIS files because they run drivers. And once a program is allowed to run at driver level everything is allowed. Program then go under the radar of any HIPS and security wise it is end of exercise.

Unknown and therefor untrusted programs cannot delete CIS files from disk; then self protection kicks in.

Comodo’s self defense works fine. A mistake in judging a program Trusted by Comodo can give problems though when a malware would be deemed Trusted.

Personally I am happy CIS allows me to do what I want to do to my OS and all installed files on the hard drives. It is not something I need. I would be very annoyed if it did.

Please see the poll results. 92% now is agree. :-TU