Selected to hide tray icon, can't get it back!

I can’t believe how complicated it is just to restore the tray icon :S I’ve tried the way on the manual with the fill in WINDOWS folder but doesn’t seem to work, neither does re-installing!

Hi ToM-X :slight_smile:

This is a little bit unknown territory for me, but lets try this :

Please open the BOC427.INI file ( C:\Windows\BOC427.INI ) with Notepad and look for : hide2=… If it says hide2=yes change it to hide2=0, than close Notepad and reboot.

Let me know if that is the case and if it solves your problem :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Nope, none of the above appears in file and I added to but still, no luck.

??? Can’t you just go to the installation folder. Open Cboclean and then change the settings again ?


And hide=0 as well ?

Greetz, Red.

Hi guy! I’m the author … sorry for the headache there. The normal location where BOClean puts the config file is indeed the BOC427.INI located in the windows folder, but on Vista and some installs, Windows might copy it somewhere else under “documents and settings” and then use that copy instead. These “hide” features are there for corporate administrators who want to completely hide BOClean and make it difficult to make it reappear, that’s why we did that.

Going on the assumption that there’s likely a “virtual copy” in addition to the “real” one, do a “search for files and folders” for that BOC427.INI file. I’ll bet there’s another one somewhere. You’ll need to be sure that the search is set to look everywhere including “system and hidden” folders … the correct one to remove the “hide=” and “hide2=” entries (which WILL be there) will be the largest file you find if there’s more than one copy in there.

If there are no other BOC427.INI files, and the one you found in the WINDOWS folder didn’t have the “hide” and “hide2” entries, then it’s likely that Windows itself decided to hide the icon rather than you having told BOClean to become invisible … but give the above a try, should fix it …

Thnx Kev :slight_smile:

This is one for the new FAQ :wink:

Greetz, Red.

Thanks for the reply Kevin,

The main problem was I was running under a limited account in Windows Vista. Once logged in as a administrator I did the search you suggested and found the file under…


Then successfully restored the icon. I can understand the reason for making it so fiddly because of corporate adminstators but I think a home version would be great too because it’s just little bits like this that would put regular users off.

It’s a great program and I appreciate your reply and your hard work towards to application.