Selected terms pasted three times into search

This has been a nasty bug and I am surprised nobody has reported it yet (well I searched the forum but could not find anything).

On a web page select a term, for example, an address, and by right-clicking search for it by google (or whatever search engine you have setup). You will find that the search term will appear THREE TIMES in the search box. This bug makes this feature totally unusable, else Dragon would be a pretty good browser.


Are you using any extensions with Comodo Dragon?
Try creating a new user profile from the Options menu and check if the issue reproduces on the new profile.

Thank you.

I have only a very few, but this is not caused by the extensions because it occurs in incognito mode also, and none of the extensions are active at that time.

Can you test with the method I suggested in my previous post and share the results?
Also add the details required when submitting a bug as listed here.

Thank you.

I did what you asked. It works correctly. Weird.

The issue might be related to the user profile. Try clearing cookies and cache on your old profile and check if the issue is solved.

Thank you.

Clearing browsing history didn’t help. Disabling all extensions didn’t help.

I deleted the user profile and imported the bookmarks from Firefox and now I don’t have the problem. Interesting…

Thanks for the help.