Seemingly randomly created rule blocks all in/out ... maybe?

I tried a search and didn’t see a result covering this topic, so I apologize if it has already been covered. I have had a problem occur twice when installing Comodo Firewall on a laptop and once after it had been installed on a virtual machine and seemed to be working fine.

The problem is that when the firewall becomes active after a reboot, I suddenly see my network status icon in the system tray is showing limited or no connectivity. The first time I experienced it, I assumed it was because I’d had a previous firewall on my laptop and that the uninstall had somehow gone wrong and ended up causing Comodo to have issues. Unfortunately, the same thing happened after formatting and reloading the laptop. I had installed only Windows XP Professional (I also integrate all critical Windows updates into my installation disc, so those were all installed), Comodo Firewall and Comodo Antivirus 1.1. I then rebooted the machine and found that upon connecting my network cable I had limited or no connectivity again. I decided that it had to be a rule of some sort causing it, only I hadn’t yet answered any questions with an order to block anything to create such a rule.

What I found was a network rule to block and log all IP In/Out traffic, as well as five or six other rules which had been set, though they were all “allow” rules. On the laptop, I removed the block rule, rebooted and connectivity was restored. On the virtual machine (I had only installed Comodo Firewall and CAVS in order to do some simple testing), I did the same, but put it back in after restarting and I no longer get the limited connectivity notification and everything seems to work fine.

I know I have seen some other entries in the forum about the internet being blocked after the firewall was installed and if this could be the reason or if it is simply coincidence. I’m wondering if this rule is normally there? I have previously had Comodo Firewall installed on another virtual machine for several months and not had any problems. Also, the rule in question never appeared on that machine; I used it as a reference to double-check the settings on the laptop.

Am I the only one who has experienced this odd behavior? I know it doesn’t occur with every installation, as I’ve installed Comodo Firewall for several friends, as well as one co-worker and recommended it to numerous others and never heard a complaint from them. ???

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You should not delete or disable that rule. It is the most powerfull feature of CFW. :wink:

And yes. This is a problem that have a lot of users with wifi connections. The simpliest workaround is to manually give the IP through windows and not through the DCHP server of the router. :wink:

Thanks for such a quick response. I’ll make certain to put the rule back and try your suggestion. :Beer