Seeming serious fight between Mozy Backup and CIS AV (CIS v 3.5.54375.427X32)

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Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1

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Mozy Backup and CIS seem to have a fight over resources on system startup, and whenever Mozy tries to start its work. I have used Comodo Firewall and Defense+ for a couple of years, and Mozy for a couple of years, and there was never a conflict. Only since Comodo added the Anti-Virus scanner has there been a problem. Other Antivirus scanners that I used to use along with the Comodo firewall (including Avast) did not have this problem, and Mozy has been around for a long time… so I would venture to call this a Comodo bug of not getting along well with Mozy. I make the assumption here that what is at issue is that both Mozy and Comodo AV Scanner are hooking in to file i/o at a pretty low level, and that the fight is happening there, but I don’t have a way to know this for sure.

SYMTPOMS: If Comodo AV Real-Time Scanner is enabled, AND when mozy backup is installed, at system startup, after log-in, the system is very slow and unresponsive for ten to fifteen minutes, sometimes longer. It is not TOTALLY unresponsive, but very very slow, and the disk is clearly thrashing. I can start the task manager and view all processes, and order them by Delta Page Faults, I can see that the main CIS process is page faulting excessively during this period of time. When those Page Faults finally go down, and the disk thrashing stops, usually after 15 minutes or so, system returns to normal responsiveness and all seems to be well.

A similar thing happens when Mozy attempts to start a backup, whether that is user-initiated or on Mozy’s schedule. The process of starting the backup, instead of taking 30 seconds for the back and forth of communiction between Mozy’s servers and my system, takes ten or fifteen minutes. Often Mozy will time out the backup as if it couldn’t detect an internet connection, but sometimes the backup will start. Once the backup actually starts, it doesn’t go any slower than it did in the “old days” before I had the new Comodo.

Same behavior when I try to open Mozy’s configuration (which also requires an internet connection with Mozy’s server).

See also following thread:

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If I uninstall Mozy, there is no issue. But I am committed to that backup scheme, so that is not a long term solution for me. If I disable the real-time scanner of Comodo Anti-Virus, there is also no issue. This could be a solution IF I can be assured by Comodo that it would be appropriate to run some other Anti-Virus scanner along side CIS when the real-time scanner is disabled.

Note the following interesting thing. If I disable the Comodo Real-Time scanner, and then reboot, and immediately on having control of my system, I turn it on again, there is no issue. Similarly, if I disable the Comodo Real-Time scanner just before I manually start a backup, allow Mozy to start the backup, and then immediately enable the Comodo Real-Time scanner, everything works fine as well. This is not a good solution however, as it requires me to remember a lot of things!

I have tried Excluding all Mozy exe and dll files in the “Exclusions” tab of the Comodo Virus Scanner Settings dialog. This appears to have no effect, so I imagine that this fight between Mozy and Comodo Scanner is happening at a lower level of installed hooks to the O/S.

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