Seeking advice on configuring Comodo Firewall + Kaspersky AV 2009

Hi, I’m new to Comodo, but reading the forums, I’ve a feeling I’m really going to like it (previously I’ve always used ZA for my firewall).

For starters, I’m just about to install the Comodo Firewall onto a system that already has Kaspersky AV 2009 installed, and I’ve gone so far as to ReadTheFlippinManual first (wow!). I’ve also been wading through the forums, and I must admit that I am now somewhat confused about which options where I should disable to maximise the protection whilst minimising any risk of conflict. Given that I don’t want to throw KAV 2009 away, what would be the best way to configure the two together?


P.S. Should have added … system is running Windows Vista SP1

Hi Kirbett,

Since KAV is a strong AV, The default configuration in Comodo Firewall 3.5 would be fine (Internet Security Configuration) which works well with a good AV. In case you don’t have the latest 3.5 update, the newest build is here.

Only a few things are ticked in Defense+ Monitor Settings, but this is only to help improve usability with less pop ups, without sacrificing security. You can ALWAYS right click Comodo Firewall tray icon, and choose Configuration>COMODO - Proactive Security to activate the full power of Defense+. But really default is fine, I don’t have KAV because I use the entire CIS.