Seeing Update Details

(Not sure if this is an appropriate section, but couldn’t see a better one offhand.)

Just this morning I was told that there were updates for Comodo to be had. Being a little bored, I clicked on “Update Details” to see what they were, and was taken to this page:

Not only can’t I see the update details on that page (which is obviously undesirable), I can’t find them anywhere on that site by chasing links (doubly bad). And it took more poking around in the forum than I would like to find the information, too.

Hmm… apologies for the tone in the above. Can this be an issue with my setup somehow? Running 3.12.111745.560 on 64-bit Vista.

I believe that this is the page that you were looking for

You had to click on free firewall and then on release notes.

Hi ftww,

Sorry that it was a long hard trip to find the appropriate information… but normally that should have linked you to the url ftww posted above

The latest version is 3.13.x.574, your current version is no longer updating AV updates so if you use AV please update to 3.13…

edit:removed some sleeping errors :wink:

Just reviving this thread as I keep getting a message to update and when I click update details I get the correct page ( but the page is really out of date. Still shows the latest update as the 28th of December which is an update I already installed. According to the forum the latest update was yesterday but this isn’t reflected on the page.

Seems a bit of a waste having that link on the update notification if the page it leads to is never updated.

A known problem and nuisance…