Seeing LAN but no access? Help

First off I just dumped ZA and started using Comodo and am VERY impressed with it so far. A night and day difference!

I finally was able to install my network printer on my home network and am now trying to setup my #2 and #3 machines to be able to access #1.

I followed the steps for Rule B in

All my stock install Policies are there. I then created a new policy and added:

Allow IP In Zone (which is all my machines based on MAC addresses) Any Any Any

and Rule A
Block IP In any any any

I keep getting network is not accessible errors on #2 and #3.

I have 2 zones in my Network Zones:

Loopback Zone

IP in
Mac addy 1
Mac addy 2
MA 3
MA 4
MA 5

I’m not a networking guru so I’m not sure what to do next. Can someone give me a hand and point me in the right direction? (:NRD)


anyone? :-[

I checked the logs and there is nothing coming thru on my #2 machine.

Can you connect without problems when firewall is disabled (click on icon in tray->firewall->disabled)? If no, can you connect when both firewall and defense+ are disabled?

On what computer(s) CF is installed (1, 2, 3)? Why do you have under Loopback Zone: it is supposed to be only there.

thanks for getting back to me.

CF is installed on my main machine only

I removed the xx.100 from the Loopback Zone and tried shutting down Comodo to see if I could access the network.

Can’t access it so there is something going on with my network settings. (:AGY) (:AGY)

I went thru everything I could think as far as file sharing and whatnot. My Printer sharing is working fine. ARGH! Any suggestions or tips from here?

have you done the windows network wizard on both pc’s? start… settings… control panel… network setup wizard

have you checked windows firewall is disabled? go start… settings… network connectins… right click on the

Local area connection for your pc… properties… advanced… on windows firewall… settings… make sure it is set

to off.

Do this on all pc’s in your network.

First of all, when you shut down Comodo, it is still working. Only way to disable it is to use icon in tray to disable firewall. If problems are still with you, disable Defense+, leave firewall in disabled mode.
If you still experience issues, deactivate Defense+ permanently (under settings), leave both firewall and D+ in disabled mode, reboot computer.

If problems are still here, CF probably is not the reason of them. Though only way to find out is to uninstall it, leave Windows settings untouched and check whether problems are gone.