'See Help' button is broken on the main menu help page [V7][HF]

1: A link to the relevant help file page:
2: What the help files says on the issue of concern (if anything):
The ‘See Help’ button is not active. (Screenshot)
3: What you think it should say or explain:
The button should lead to the chosen product and version.
4: Why you think it should say or explain that:
Note: This use to work correctly as expected.
Note: This issue is present regardless of the selected product and not just CIS.


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Thank you for reporting this issue with the Help File. I have moved this to the format verified portion of the bug reporting forum and forwarded this issue to the proper Comodo staff member.

Thanks again.

This issue appears to be fixed. :-TU


I’m very happy to hear that. In that case I will move this report to Resolved. If the issue occurs again please let me know.

Thank you.