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Perhaps I’m the only one that’s ever used the program but I just downloaded and ran a program called Security Task Manager by A. & M. Neuber.
The results of it’s findings came back with Comodo Firewall as it’s top listing of being a potentially dangerous programs I have running on my computer.
The paticular file it called out is the CPF.exe program Comodo uses. It also mentions “PopupSink”.
I did a search on Security Task Manager here and didn’t see any or it’s possible I may have missed them.
I suppose it could be the case that the above program is a really a ‘bad guy’ program instead of a good guy. This seems to happen quite often on anti-spy programs where you can unintentionally download lot’s of bad things or get bad information back.
Either way I welcome any and all unbiased comments anyone may have.
Thanks for your time.

Hi and welcome,

That program seems like a good guy from a google search. There are a number of reasons why it might be detecting CPF.exe as dangerous (which it isn’t).

This is the type of program you need to make your own judgement with and not just go with what it says are dangerous.

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here is the email i sent them… I am sure they are a decent outfit and will fix it asap…

Hi there.

One of our users who use your product has reported that your product falsely identifies our firewall as a dangerous product.

We would be grateful if you could fix this as soon as possible.,1607.0.html

Thank you for your attention.

Kind regards

Melih Abdulhayoglu

President & CEO


There is absolutely no reason for it to report CPF.exe as a dangerous program. Popupsink is one of the internal windows that CPF create and use internally.

I could not use Security Task Manager as it always crashed during the scanning the running processes. But if somebody could post a screenhots of its analysis, we can see what it reports.

Just skip the false alert.


I will try it egemen. Will let you know once I am done.

As for Txsparx, welcome to the forums. Thanks for letting me know such a wonderful software. I think I will love this software.

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Okay, I ran Security Task Manager (STM) on both my laptop and desktop. It was pretty simple in its installation, very nice program. Now, to the matter in hand.

Txsparx, STM is a software that lets you know what runs on your computer and it gives you a rating of the potential ability of a program to be a dangerous malware. What it does is that it analyses the characteristics of a running program and give you a rating based on the criteria that the developer set. Therefore, this software is more of a diagnostic tool for users who want to know what is going on. It does not, however, tell you whether the running program is harmful or not. It only tells you whether it has the ability to be a harmful program.

I have two screenshots here, one for my laptop and the other for my desktop. If you look closely (laptop), it rate McAfee as a very high risk of potentially dangerous software. As for the desktop screenshot, it also rates CPF as the second highest. I did a search on the web and it says that the McAfee program is not harmful, only that it has the potential to be harmful due to its characteristics.

As for the CPF, I cannot find any results on the web. Truth to be told, I don’t know what is PopupSink. This is only something Comodo can explain. However, I seriously don’t think that the program is harmful. I think we now have a severe phobia towards any phrase with the word ‘popup’. I can understand that. As egemen has pointed out, Popupsink is one of the internal windows that CPF create and use internally. Therefore, I hope this resolves your issue.

Now to Melih. Melih, I ran a quick check at the Neuber (developer of STM) and I realise something. Your letter to them is actually of not much help, IMHO. This is because Neuber’s website depends solely on the feedback on users to determine whether a program is harmful or not. If you look carefully, it displays only feedback from users and nothing from the developer themselves. Try checking this site out:

Therefore, the only thing Comodo could do is to install the program and submit an entry explaining what CPF does. If Comodo can’t do that, just let me know what Comodo wants to put in. I can help you to insert a comment, but I need the correct and complete sentence, not too long please.

In conclusion, STM does not tell you whether a program is dangerous or not. It only tells you whether it is potentially dangerous.

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they responded and I sent him the link for him to download. So they should fix it soon i hope.
So far so good as they seem to be a good and responsive outfit.