Security Suite Software rankings


Even though Comodo’s Security Suite is still under development, I thought it might be of interest to see how the leading companies compared.

This is from the latest “Windows Secrets”

I predict that a basic Security Suite will appear, and then be fine tuned and enhanced, so that this time next year Comodo will be among the Security Suite Leaders in its first year of release. (:KWL)

Comodo is already enhancing its firewall 3.0 and plans are to merge the Comodo Memory Firewall into it.
A basic scan engine from BoClean will soon find its way there also, with fine tuning and enhancements to follow.
The next release of CAVS will also be released soon and then fine tuned. (:NRD)

The items not covered but might possibly find their way into the Suite are.

  1. Identity Theft protection
  2. IM protection
  3. Spam protection
  4. phishing protection (The verification engined partly does this)
    Melih will probably introduce 2-3 other features that will make Comodo’s Security Suite Special
    beside adhering to his philosophy of the best Layered Security in - Protection, Detection and Cure.

Melih, Do you think I gave your team enough time for my prediction this time Next Year :THNK

Besides the Suite I also predict you will continue to have individual software for those that like to Mix and Match programs from different authors. Even features that are yet to come ! (:WIN)


yes you did indeed…

however, you missed quite few things we are doing also :wink: But you did predict that, so credit to you! :slight_smile: