Security suggestions

I am a paranoid person when it comes to security of my PC I am about to install CIS, after I do a clean sweep with Norton full scan and Norton Power Eraser just to make sure everything is clean, again after months of using a free Paid version of Norton Security Suite 5. My question overall is besides running CIS what else should I have running with it to increase my protection. I know running two anitviruses is a very bad idea, same goes with firewalls, which I learned the hard way. I know there is no 100% protection method out there beyond disconnecting from the internet. I also know that common sense plays the biggest role in protection of my computer.

Would you guys have any suggestions to try and ease my paranoid mind?


run cis in paranoid mode. it gives a lot of popups but it sounds like thats what you want. i run just comdo firewall with defense + and never been infected so its plenty for me

I will give that a try. I know it seems very strange but I dont like to take chances anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Jokersvirus,
IMO CIS is all you need running at one time, this includes all the protection modules required IMO for safe computing.
With those thoughts I have moved this to CIS Install/Setup/Configuration help

Thanks from Captainsticks.

I have everything installed and running its running good im running it in paranoid mode and enabled it to create rules for safe applications. should work out well.

… as long as the safe applications are safe! :slight_smile:

in firewall sections i would never allow something to make rules by itself. as its the door to “actions initiated by others”.
and just to mention: dont allow ingoing requests. your rules should have a simple ground BASIS(!) like this: allow direction OUT (if needed). avoid to allow direction IN.
“Out” requests the packets which you want to have, and they are allowed to come in. thats what is meant by “statefull inspection firewall”.