Security Shootout: 10 Top Antivirus Apps Put to the Test

This test have been done by MAXIMUMPC

Here is the verdict to the CIS PRO: Tom's Hardware: For The Hardcore PC Enthusiast

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Thank you DiSP,
we will see more and more reviews about Comodo.
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Only 6 out of 10. Bad !

In their view, Comodo CIS is the top 10 antivirus software providers. That is good message.

Comodo CIS got 6 verdict score while the others got their score as following:
8 Microsoft Essential
8 McAfee
7 BD
7 Panda
7 Norton
6 Comodo
6 Avira
5 Avast
4 TrendMicro

Comodo is better than Avira, and Avast from their point of view.

Did they even test the software against malware? I couldn’t find any information about how well they protect a system, just about their impact on the system.

I know which is more important for me.

Virus Detection

This is really what it’s all about, and to determine the overall effectiveness of each AV app, we take a multipronged approach. First, we fire off a pair of synthetic spyware and virus tests courtesy of and This is followed by a bombardment of our own collection of malware. Finally, we hit up the seedier side of the web with reckless abandon.

Once we’re finished with our in-house testing, we compare the results with those of Virus Bulletin (, an independent testing lab. We also take into consideration whether an app has consistently performed well year after year.

This information is found on the first page, explaining the test that they have done.

No problem Melih, I hope so. Comodo in the security buisness is starting to get “even” more famous.

What’s the deal with offering to install a toolbar and change your homepage and search provider, anyway? That’s annoying with non-security software, but it’s especially annoying, even worrisome, with security software like CIS.

I suppose I already know the explanation for why it’s there… it’s an additional revenue stream that savvy users can simply opt out of, and thus not be affected by… but still, it hurts CIS’ image, as this review shows. They clearly “dinged” CIS for doing this.