Security settings

(:NRD) I have just installed Comondo in place of ZA.

I am a bit mystified re security settings.

Seem only to have custom and that is not fully explained.

Have gone all over and finally found and downloaded
the user guide. Couldn’t find anything about it there or on FAQ
But could have missed it. Seems to be custom or block all or block none which I take to mean no firewall (:AGY)

Also does this firewall like ZA stop both ways?


G’day lamb chop. Welcome to the forums and good to see another Aussie on board. :wink:

CUSTOM, in the CFP world, means the firewall will uses the network monitor and application monitor rules that you define (by clicking REMEMBER and ALLOW (or BLOCK)) or are defined by the firewalls wizards.

In laymans terms, CFP has three operational modes;

BLOCK ALL literally halts all IP based traffic over your network connection
ALLOW ALL is like turning the firewall off
CUSTOM is where the firewall interprets network traffic according to your ruleset.

It’s certainly different to most other firewalls, but logical once you understand the terminology.

CFP is, like ZA, a bi-directional firewall. It’s also the most leakproof firewall available.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: