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What this section is for? … Actually to be more precise, what’s “Activate” tick is for? There doesn’t seem to be any difference between it being checked and unchecked.

I don’t see an “Activate” in the AV Scans section. Can you provide a screen shot please, thanks.

If you select a scan and choose the Edit popup, you can schedule scan times. I suppose the “Active” check box is an easy way to turn off a particular scheduled scan.

Here you go.

Oh, it’s actually “Active” not “Activate”.

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I believe the Active switch enables/disables the Schedule for a Scan (if it has one defined).

edit: Oops, sorry L.A.R’s… I didn’t see your post. As L.A.R. Grizzly said. :slight_smile:

But you can check “Active” and disable schedule at the same time, isn’t it strange?

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It does take several clicks to enable/disable the Schedule for each Scan (if you were not creating/updating a Schedule). Whereas with Activate option you can enable/disable multiple schedules fairly quickly without having to visit each Scan Schedule separately.

And why it mentions “prevents threats before they enter the system”?

It is an ondemand scan.

It would have been nice if the devs “developed” a usable help file to go along with CIS 6 (even though it’s a beta).

The documentation for CIS has never been produced during the BETA stage due to possible changes/errors.

Naren: You should raise that as an error (bug) or, at least, query it. I believe the localisations have started now, so better now than later. :slight_smile:

Localizations have not started yet.