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Does CIS protect against Cobalt Strike?
Cobalt Strike is now largely used by most group of Hackers


Hi HarlockP4,

Thank you for reporting, we will check with the related team and update you.


You can see in this video that Comodo tested their Enterprise product CCS, against SunBurst Campaign Teardrop droppers and Cobalt Strike Beacon.

PS: CIS uses the same protection engine as CCS.


thanks for the reply, this is really interesting, do you have a more recent video or business case?



Unfortunately I don’t know about other videos testing Comodo against CobaltStrike itself but I know some Youtube channels that often test Comodo.

First and foremost there is Cruelsister1 channel, although she haven’t uploaded for a while her videos do show Comodo properly configured facing some various types of Malware with excellent results.

Speaking about how to properly configure Comodo, Cruelsister has a very interesting video on it.

Other than that, these 2 Youtube channels often test Comodo:

If you want something more professional, there is The PC Security Channel, the guy who runs this channel works for Emsisoft, although he don’t seem to test Comodo that often.

There is also the institute who are often testing CIS and CCS against multiple Malware.

I already suggested in another topic for Comodo to upload videos periodically testing CIS against some widespread Malware samples in order to attract more users.