Security Policy


I want to create a new group like “Comodo Firewall Pro”. This group would be “Comodo Antivirus”.

Can someone tell me how I can do that ?



For the Firewall:
Firewall->Advanced->Predefined Firewall Policies->Add…

For Defense+:
Defense±>Advanced->Predefined Security Policies->Add…

For both; customize it the way you want it!


Hi Ragwing

In Defense+ Computer Security Policy, I have :

  • Windows System Applications : system, winlogon.exe
  • Windows Update Application : svchost.exe, wuauclt.exe, wupdmgr.exe
  • Comodo Firewall Pro : cfp.exe, cmdagent.exe …
  • All applications

I want to add a Group just like Comodo Firewall Pro with the same settings ( Custom policy ).

How can I do that ?

Oh, seems like I misunderstood it. It says that you should go to My File Groups, might be a bit tricky to find it.
Defense±>Common Tasks->My Protected Files->Groups… and add a new group, then add the paths to all the executables for CAVS :wink:


OK it works fine.
Another question : ho can I move an application that is not contained in a group to a particular group ( ie Comodo Firewall Pro ) ?

You can’t move them, so you got to add it in My Groups.
I’m not sure, but if you include an application in a group, I think the entry for it in Defense+ will disappear. Else, you can just add it to a group and remove the entry for it manually.


In a future release, can it be possible to do that ?

I guess it would be possible to add a right-click option Add to group… :wink:
You can post that suggestion here if you want to.