Security of documents sent/received via trustfax

Can anyone out there explain how secure the sending and receiving of faxes via Trustfax (e-fax service) is?. If the sender is using a standalone fax and fax it to a Trustfax user number, are the messages being viewed before it reaches the recipient. And vice versa, if the sender is using Trustfax and the recipient is a standalone fax machine, how secure are the messages? I mean, how does it work? Is there a third party being able to view the fax messages sent via Trustfax? Please elaborate with your comments. I am a Newbie and lost in the process.
Regards to all …

Trustfax sending and receiving is automated and not viewed or handled by trustfax personnel or any thrid party.
Incoming and outgoing faxes are stored as encrypted files and can only be viewed by logging into your account.
Incoming faxes are stored in your account inbox as a backup to the fax being delivered to you by email. The incoming faxes that are delivered to your email are pdf file attachments and are not secure as are most attachments in an email.
Trustfax allows you to choose from 5 different incoming fax delivery options/notifications to increase the level of security of your incoming faxes. The choices are:
1 - An email with the fax as a pdf file attachment
2 - An email with a web link to the fax that is stored in your secure trustfax account
3 - An email with a password protected web link to the fax that is stored in your secure trustfax account
4 - An email only notifying you that a fax has arrived and to login to your secure trustfax account
5 - No notification email sent

If you are looking to increase security for incoming faxes, trustfax suggests that you change the default notifcation from an email with the fax attached as a pdf file to a web link that is password protected or the option for an notification only with no web link or attachment.

To change the delivery option in trustfax - login to your account and click on Account Info. click on the preference tab and change the notification option. Save the changes. You may also have up to 10 different email address where the fax can to delivered.

Sending faxes can be done by email to trustfax or by using your trustfax account. The most secure method is to use the secure trustfax web site when sending a fax.

Any time that you login to your trustfax account, the connection is secured with SSL and 128 bit encryption. Any fax in your trustfax inbox is stored as an encrypted file and can only be access through your account. Your filing cabinet where you can store and manage any type of file, document, or fax is also secure and encrypted.