Security & Maintenance Still Says "Snoozing" For COMODO Firewall

I’m afraid the Snoozing issue still isn’t fixed. Security & Maintenance is still reporting COMODO Firewall is Snoozing. Any Suggestions?

Haven’t seen that for several updates now. What CIS version are you using?


I’d suggest a clean install to see if that fixes it

I haven’t seen that issue for a few versions now. But then I did a clean install also.

It’s still telling me it’s turned off & snoozing even after doing a clean install.

Any Suggestions anyone?

Reset the Windows security center

I did reset the Windows Security Center then after a while it ended up not working. “Snoozing” is still showing.
Any suggestions?

What Windows 10 version are you using? Can you check by executing winver?

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Version 1709 Build# 16299.309

Any Suggestions anyone?