Security Level Poll


Which security levels do you use for CIS? Do you stick with the defaults set by COMODO (i.e Safe Mode) or do you like to configure CIS (i.e Other Modes). This applies to both the Firewall and Defense+ modules. If you configure one module, then choose “Other Modes”. This is just a poll to see if people are happy with the defaults set or prefer to configure.


Safe Mode is enough for me.

Voted Other Modes

Global - Proactive Security
AV - Stateful
FW - Custom Policy Mode
D+ - Safe Mode
Sandbox - Enabled and set to Limited

Don’t you want to change the poll to list all modes. Cause to sum all other modes except Safe Mode up, doesnt make really sence.

D+: Proactive
Firewall: Custom
AV: highest settings

D+ doesn’t have Proactive, do you mean Paranoid?

Global - Proactive Security
AV - Stateful
FW - Custom Policy Mode
D+ - Safe Mode
Sandbox - Enabled and tick in all boxes!

Have a great week!
Mats H

Global - Firewall Security
AV - Not Installed
FW - Safe Mode
D+ - Not Installed
Sandbox - Not Installed

Hi adioz86

The option “Other Modes” covers ANY configuration made to CIS (rather than using COMODO’s defaults). My next question will be, if “Other Modes”, why the change in configuration (i.e lack of security in that area, etc).


other modes

D+ in clean pc mode (coz its makes things a lot easier for average users and currently V4 sandboxes lots of program and many program doesn’t open when sandboxed.

every other settings default.


Safe mode.

Training Mode for 1 Week. (My PC is clean)
Then Safe Mode.

Whoa, that’s an awful long time to stay in training mode. I would only recommend using it in special cases where you can’t get something to work any other way and then immediately going back to a secure mode.

i found that changing some settings affects the leak test score.i left my settings on default when i installed and got 340/340.i have the firewall set to safe mode.I dont know if this is the more secure.but i dare not change too many settings or it may effect the test score.Thanks. :slight_smile:

FW = custom policy mode
D+ = paranoid mode " strengthened "
Sandbox = disabled
Av = on access


Using only firewall, safe mode with create rules for Safe apps.
But I check rules from time to time and make adjustments if needed.

why disable the sandbox?only problem i have with using custom policy mode is im not too techie on firewall settings.i know its lazy on my part but i dont know how to configure it properly.As for d+ is paranoid recommended? :a0

Safe mode to me was misleading in the poll. I didn’t know at first you ment default settings or I would have chose Other Modes.

Currently I have Global: Proactive, Firewall = Safe Mode, Defense + = Safe Mode, No AV Installed, and Sandbox = Disabled.

I do check both Firewall Log viewer & Defense Log viewers and adjust rules in both when needed. So far not to many popups and only when programs run that are unknown. Also only set both FW & Defense + to Training Mode when running new game or application that I know is safe.

~ Josh

Also wanted to mentioned with No AV installed I mean CIS. I use AVAST instead for Antivirus. So far no problems I am aware of running both CIS with Avast.

~ Josh

wow theres so many different configs here.i think im going to spend an evening trying each one not too keen on disabling anything.i keep all shields up and ready for action.theres not really much you can do to test the configs out except visiting MDL. >:-D

I leave everything default except the AV, I put that on…on access and when i need to play live i set the firewall to block all mode.