Security Level and Activation

Could you please advise me which is the recomended Security Level to use for Newbies and if I can use this setting all the time. Also can you install CFP whilst not connected to the internet (for macimum security). If you can where in the options once installed do you activate the product or submit your e-mail for registration. Any advise appreciated.

You don’t have to activate Comodo Firewall. And I see no point in having security apps if your not connected to the Internet.
Clean PC Mode is enough for newbies, but for everyday use it’s recommended to crank the security level up to Train with Safe mode :slight_smile: (It will result with more popups)
In my settings - both Defense + and Fireawall are set to Train with Safe Mode :slight_smile:

To correct Commodus there is no “train with safe mode” anymore. The latest version has “safe” mode. So put the firewall to safe mode and D+ to safe mode and you will be all set.

Thanks for your replies.
Commodus I don’t think I explained clearly about not being connected to the Internet.
What I meant is can you install CPF whilst not connected to the internet (at that time) and register your e-mail for registration at a later date from within the program.

Never install anything while still connected. But if your on broadband your always connected. Download and close out your browser. Then install Comodo. There is no registration for Comodo.

I’m sorry :-[ I always used to use Train with Safe mode and it somehow got fixed in my mind. ;D Yes, Vett C6 is right ;D
I understood your question about the “no internet” registration. But why have a firewall then ? I mean if there’s no internet, there’s nothing much a firewall can do for you. It can’t remove malware like antivirus can.
If your not connected to the internet, better use a good AV (like Avira or Avast) ON DEMAND. For exaple if you don’t want to infect your comp with an USB stick or something. :slight_smile: