Security issue with COMODO Anti-Theft

Hi all,

Using the latest version of CAT (and it helped me when one of my friends hid my phone :)), I’ve noticed a security issue.
If you send to the lost phone the “alarm#password” and the phone gets the message, the phone will be locked but you’ll still have the option to see (and scroll) the notifications bar, thus you can see the password and unlock it.
The solution is pretty simple I guess, just make the lock screen appear on full screen mode, and (if technically possible), make the notifications bar impossible to reach when locked.
I think this issue is related also to the other options in the app (takephoto, locate etc).

Using Galaxy S3 Mini I8190N.


There is an issue starting with Android version 4.4 that causes this issue - it affected the way apps can hook into SMS messaging.

I made a feature request to have an online portal to be able to track and lock devices. That should help to get around this problem.

My device is 4.1.2, not KitKat…

The ideal solution, since I am not a fan of requiring a website to access my phone security, is to simply capture and hide texts sent that are security commands.
If I wanted a website, I’d use Samsung’s own built-in security and website to access and command my phone.
So, website is not an option.

  1. Not everybody uses Samsung.
  2. The Samsung Lost Device portal is not available in the US on many Verizon models.
  3. So, a Comodo website is still a good option.