Security Center integration in Vista

Hi guys, good job your doing here! I have a slight but annoying problem. On a fresh Windows Vista Business 32-bit I made a full install of Comodo Firewall Pro (latest version to date - CFP_Setup_3.0.25.378_XP_Vista_x32). Installation finished successfully and I rebooted. After booting into the system I opened the Security Center and found it warning me about both Windows Firewall and Comodo Firewall being turned ON. Is it supposed to be this way in version 3 (and/or under Vista)? Back in XP SP2 and CPF 2.x, installer used to disable Windows Firewall during the installation. Being in a testing mood I uninstalled CFP. The process finished successfully (or did it?) and I restarted the OS. After booting into the system, I again found the warning: “Windows Firewall and COMODO Firewall Pro both report that they are turned on” (same after 6 boots now). So, how do you think I can fix this? By the way, I did all this operations with User Account Control turned ON. Could Vista’s UAC be the problem here? I would certainly expect it to be. I did run the installer/uninstaller under the administrative account and allow full access to the system!


Manually disable Windows Firewall in Vista before you install CIS.