security and utility software

hii guyz,

ur suggestions r welcome

currently the security software installed in my win xp sp2 system are

comodo firewall latest
avast home latest
comodo boclean latest

these r the real time security installed for firewall, antivirus n antispyware. these real time securities r sufficient or more needed. i dont surf nasty sites yaa but i do a lot of internet banking. n wat abt sp3. is it stable n can b installed. plzz give ur genuine suggestsions.

n yess can ne1 suggest a good n genuine free all in 1 utility software (disc cleanup, registry cleaner, privacy cleaner, duplicate file finder, empty folder, encryption, secure deletion, unused disc space, etc… ne free software with lot more good features. ne1 heard of glary utility. howz it?? ne other good free all in one utility software??

waiting 4 ur suggestions guyz



You dont need BOClean and for disk clean up use CCleaner. Be care of Glary or any utility such as that can you do damage to your registry. Duplicate files cause no harm.

Suprised Vet didn`t give Revo uninstaller a mention,that has some good tools.

I suggest getting some on demand scanners:

Spybot Search and Destroy
Super Antispyware free

Some browser defenses:

Spyware Blaster

Spyware Blaster is only good for IE. Does nothing for FF.

If you want really protection then sandbox your broswer. I love it when I surf the dark side or want to install something just to try it.

heyy guyz i m online here

thanxx 4 ur reply. but ull dint replied all my query. like sp3, glary utility, ne other good free all in 1 utility, etc…

as far as security is concerned i have installed all the needed n imp software like ve, password safe, axcrypt, secunia, etc… on demand scanners like a squared free, malware bytes, sas.

i also want 2 know the best free real time antispyware solution. avast home is with antispyware but dont know its spyware protection level coz its new in avast. is it fine or should i use boclean too or ne other good free software ull know.



Go ahead and install SP3. You do not need real time spyware cause Avast covers you as well as Comodo. Since you do banking I highly recommend Sandboxie. You can set it up so the only thing that can access the sandbox is your browser. Makes online banking secure. And when your done simply empty the sandbox.

so u mean sp3 is stable now to install. i hav never tried ne virtualisation software. will try sandboxie

wat tune up software u use

You dont need any tune software. They are over rated. I have been using SP3 since the official release months ago.

ok got it. heyy i downloaded sandboxie n tried to install but its not digitally signed. and i hav this habit of not installing any software that is not digitally signed. is sandboxie trustworthy

Of course its trustworthy. Digital certified means nothing. I have been installed beta drivers for the past years that are not digitally certified.

Yes it does. It gets rid of those annoying cookie detections that scare people.

I believe having firefox clear all history,cookies, and cache when firefox gets closed is secure too is it not? Just curious because that’s what I do and i’ve yet to see any cookies detected from firefox :THNK

I would suggest the following:

Comodo Firewall Pro 3 (Prevention)- As your first line off Defense
Avast! (As your Detection)

Malware Bytes AntiMalware


AVOID REG CLEANERS PLEASE! Also Browse with Firefox 3.


And if you don’t have any more then 512 MB RAM I believe just CFP3 and Avast 4.8 along with BOClean are fine so your machine wont get bogged down.

thanxx guyz for replying all my queries. 1 more…

do comodo products support or compatible with sp3. i m planning 2 install sp3. currently i have cfp, boc n ve, these comodo products installed in my xp2 home edition n waiting 4 cavs n cis. wat abt cavs3 n cis?? they 2 will b compatible or support xp3 or not.



Yep, They are XP SP3 Compatible.


Cookies are not spyware and are nothing to fear.

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