Security and Usability improvments.

Hi all,
I want to share with you with my ideas to make CIS more secure and easier to be more polished product.
Already it’s very good, but in my opinion could be better.

Improvments concern: FW, D+ and Sandbox.


  • to give more information about IP adress, host. I would like to see from which country IP is (flag)and/or possibility to check IP automaticly on some popular web sites to do so, like ,

-to give this settings back: IT Service Management (ITSM) | Information and FAQs from Wiki Comodo
I would really like to have a possibility to manage them.

Defense +:

  • To make alerts easier to undesrstand by changing some monitoring priorities , let’s give an example with terminating process.
    When you try to terminate a process via some task killer, you’ll see this alert:

When i change some settings:

I saw:

It’s much more accurate. Is it possible to make it by deafult(this alert, not settings)?
Debug priviligies allows application to do a lot of things. I really don’t know about what Comodo is asking.

  • add protection of getting list of files:
    This is dangerous, malware can get access to your files and for example encrypt them or patch them or just delete them.(malware like gpcode, blackday are just face of big malware filed).

  • add protection against full screening. Many Ransomware just cover your screen and you are forced to restart your machine.

  • Add “Terminate this process” option in alerts.


-make a button to completly empty the virtual container from registry keys/files made by sandboxed application.(purpose of sandbox).

  • add an edge around the sandboxed application, like other sandbox software.

I really like all these suggestions.

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