Security alerts

I get, every few seconds, security alert telling me that "InstallShield Update Sevice Agent " is trying to connect to the Internet. The application is listed as "agent.exe and the parent is "sychost.exe. I don’t know what this is or whether I should allow it or not.

Can anyone enlighten me?


Hi Shuggee,

This may help you for informational purposes;

As a novice i can’t advise u on this queery, but personally i allow installshield access.I used to get it all the time when i used IE, but since i changed to FF i dont get it so much(MAYBE JUST A COINCIDENCE)?

Hope the link helps?


Sorry Shuggee,

this is the link;

good work there, Novie ~ (:CLP)

And from those, here is the link specifically addressing what you are seeing… (if we want to cut right to the chase…).

Probably ‘safe’ as far as that goes for the non-paranoid user. ;D The paranoid user may have other opinions. (:KWL)


PS: Welcome to the forums, shuggee!

Well ty LM

A problem shared is a problem halved…lol (:LGH)