Security alert freezes on screen

I recently had a hard drive dying on me so I’m on a rather clean windows xp pro sp2 installation. However I’m having a problem with comodo firewall that I didn’t have on my old messed up installation. Almost anytime i get a Secyrity alert popup I have a hard time responding to it. I have to open the firewall to get focus on the alert to get rid of it. Sometimes thats not easy because the alert is stuck on top of the startbar leaving the icons there unaccessible. Am I the only one having this problem? Any ideas?

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I actually have a recent clean XP Pro/SP2 install at home (due to MS death, not HD death), with CPF running, and I do not have this problem.

Have you installed any other security software? Any HIPS-type products (GSWall, Prevx1, etc), Antivirus with an “Active” defense? It sounds to me like it might be a security software conflicting and using resources…

When this occurs, can you open TaskManager to see what’s using resources/actively running? Even better would be if you can run Process Explorer in the background and watch the processes open… (If you don’t have it, Process Explorer is a free utility you can download; available HERE.


Only other security installed was Comodo antivirus. But I remowed it thinking that might be the cause since the firewall didn’t appear in the control center thingy.

I haven’t noticed anything unusual in task manager and haven’t installed process explorer. Its not a resource hogging thing that happens. It just seems the alert doesn’t really get focus and it gets stuck infront of any other windows. Opening The main comodo firewall window makes the alert get focus and respond (in most cases)

That’s an odd one; I haven’t come across that before.

Okay, so conflicting security apps apparently is not the problem.

Here’s two suggestions, then:

  1. Uninstall CPF, reboot, then reinstall CPF. See if that resolves the issue. It may be that something just didn’t get quite right the first time around…

  2. File a ticket with Support, here.

I’d try the reinstall first, with the most current version available from Comodo’s website (not some other download site).