SecureEmail for use in Secure Web Form Submissions??


Might anyone have any knowledge base links or guidance on configuring the commercial Comodo SecureEmail product for use in Secure Web Form Submissions via cgi or jsp scripts, or (anything else)?

The scenario:
A. We have an SSL 256 bit certificate on a website collecting .csv data via a secure form;
B. In need of transferring this data automatically in a secure manner using formmail, .jsp or any other script to sales dept in an encrypted manner via email.
C. Question: what would be the “form method” parameters & paths so that Comodo SecureEmail would automatically encrypt this form, sign it, and send to the sales dept in a secure manner upon “sending form”?

Seems like this should be possible with SecureEmail, but cannot find any info by searching knowledge base files.

Thank you in advance…

Hi. You might want to take a look at PHP’s OpenSSL PKCS7 tools. You would just need the Sales Departments public key/certificate to encrypt it to them.