SecureEmail and MS Word Coexistence [RESOLVED]

I have been running the following for about 6 weeks:

  • SecureEmal v2.5.0.31
  • Outlook 2003 with Word 2003 as my email editor.

After installing SE. I noticed that:

  • creating, replying and sending of messages became very slow;
  • the more messages I handled in an Outlook session the slower Outlook would run
  • Word was hogging one pf my CPU cores;
  • whenever I closed Outlook the background instance of Word often remained active in memory
  • quite often Word toldl me that the normal template had changed, even though I had not done anything to change it, and ask if I wanted to save it.

Uninstalling SE cures all these problems. Because I wish to use SE I have since changed my email editor from Word to the standard text editor in Outlook and all the problems listed above have now disappeared. However, in changing the message editor the functional richness of Word is no longer available to me in Outlook.

Have I missed something in the setup? Any suggestions.

I think this is a problem with the way the new Outlook add-on operates.

The problem is documented: You are prompted to save the changes to the Normal.dotm template every time you quit Word - Microsoft Support.

It probably won’t happen if you use the LSP version of CSE, which should work with Outlook.

Nor should it happen if you use the internal Outlook email editor instead of Word.

You can reduce the performance problem by killing Word every so often - Word just constantly grows in size under these circumstances

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Hi Mouse

Thanks for a very helpful reply. I didn’t know that an LSP version of CSE existed. Please tell me where to find it. I agree with you it should probably work with Outlook regardless of Outlook editor.

Kid regards


Have tried this myself, and will now summarise and correct, removing past posts.

To get round this re-run the installer to install CSE in ‘network’ or ‘all other network clients’ mode and reboot.

This process is described here: Comodo Help

The problem is resolved because in this mode CSE works without installing an Outlook add in - it uses a Layered Service Provider instead. It’s the add-on which causes the problem described (which I can reproduce) - but only if you use Word as the email editor.

Hope this helps

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