SecureDNS allegedly blocks Torrentfreak


Perhaps Comodo wants to comment on this? Comodo DNS Blocks TorrentFreak Over "Hacking and Warez " * TorrentFreak

Wondering who is going to submit it here at the Comodo forums… 88)

It’s easy news. Any decent journalist would have checked if and how it can be requested to be removed from the list.

I think they might be more interested in a comment, and it did take some time to find the forum thread for reporting sites since most google searches returned generic sites about SecureDNS and blogs/articles about it, took me quite a few searches to reach the forum post through google.
Besides that, having an appeal form in a forum thread which also requires a forum account is not the best way to go about it in my opinion. I’d prefer seeing both a forum thread AND an online form or e-mail to contact, Comodo even has an e-mail for secureDNS ( unless that doesn’t belong to them? I’d assume Torrentfreak also requested their site be removed from their list in their communication to Comodo where they requested a comment.