Secure Shopping & Unsecure Public WiFi

When it comes to Unsecure Public WiFi, I’m guessing it doesn’t protect privacy but protects PC just like the Sandbox desktop does? Please respond.

Some examples would be great. I do not think these are problems nowadays with variety of solutions (eg Tor Project).

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So does it only secure the PC on Public & Unsecure WiFi or does it protect privacy too? Please respond. :slight_smile:

It is secure whenever you use it.
Why don’t you install it and try it yourself?

Your privacy is always at risk. It really depends on what you do.

Comodo does its onw part, a security company :-TU

Is Secure Shopping more secure then Virtual Kiosk?

Can anyone answer this please? :slight_smile:

Yes, it is.
It has some additional protection like anti-keylogging, anti-screenshot, it can detect remote session and some more, which Virtual Desktop cannot.