Secure Shopping Module

If the Secure Shopping module contains any malware during the session and the session is then exited completely, is the malware / Shopping module automatically cleared / reset, or does the user need to go into the Comodo control panel and fiddle around to reset the sandbox?

One of the reasons I’m asking this question is because I have just the Shopping module installed on one particular PC without the rest of CIS, hence it would not be possible to reset the Shopping environment manually if this were indeed necessary.

Secure Shopping is not Virtual Desktop. It’s not a sandboxed environment. Such application is closed at exit but changes are still reflected on “real” systsem. DIY: create a text file in Secure Shopping environment, check modifications on “real” system.
Isolation of unknown applications / blocking of known malware is ensured by Auto-Containment. Secure Shopping should ensure safe online transactions [even on infected systems].

Ouch! It really appears that Secure Shopping is using the virtual desktop, it looks to similar. I did your test and yes, the changes were allowed and stayed! I’m therefore not sure what the point of Secure Shopping actually is because simply using a sandbox browser session with a green border around it seems more secure than Secure Shopping. Furthermore, Virtual desktop is even safer. I guess that Secure Shopping is then a marketing “genius” by Melih rather than of real practical security benefit compared with the other 2 options I mention?

If a similar test fails with Virtual Desktop… it’s just a coincidence.

See features here:;msg839457#msg839457

See my comment here:;msg846757#msg846757

So am I correct in understanding that Secure Shopping cannot be used standalone, it MUST have the other elements of CIS installed too? If so, then why is Secure Shopping appearing as a separate program in my Windows list of programs?

Secure Shopping is a separate product/component. You might run into some issues (eg related to license) if CIS is uninstalled… not very sure.