Secure Shopping - Keyboard layout

Currently the virtual keyboard in Comodo Secure Shopping support also US Standard, what about other language layout as well ?
Many thanks.

Yes, it supports - default abnt (default for countries that speak and write portuguese) not supported on virtual keyboard (virtual keyboard only);
Keyboard real supported

E.g. I’m interested in Italian layout and isn’t supported yet
Hope this will be fix soon.

What about Spanish? Can someone tell me about any updates? I am learning Spanish at the moment and have found a girl from Canada who is also doing it. I have a Samsung Note20 and yesterday used to face a very unpleasant problem. My Gboard virtual keyboard began to crash. I was very frustrated because I have bought this model recently, and it was the first bug I have noticed. It’s good to have foreign friends, you know. This girl Monika browsed an internet and suggested me visiting this site. Just a few simple steps, and my Gboard is almost flying again. As you see, learning foreign languages can give you not only one advantage.