Secure Shopping doesn't work anymore

I’m still on win10 1909 and suddenly the virtual keyboard of the Safe Shopping started to work really bad. I 've tried uninstalling Comodo CIS, cleaning the register, and install all again, and this time even the real keyboard write garbage on Safe Shopping, I’ve never seen something like this. I’ve even uninstalled only Safe Shopping and installed again, and both keyboards, virtual and real, still are a disaster.

Every time that I start Secure Shopping (both keyboards virtual and real still write garbage) and then I close, my download manager tries to download this:

The zip has two files: chksum.json and ctrl-06-22-url.db, WHAT IS THIS ??

EDIT: this download appears every time I run Comodo Dragon. I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled, and the same thing happens again and again…

Some days ago, suddenly the virtual keyboard of Secure Shopping started to write something very different that the keys I’ve pressed. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled, and the REAL keyboard started to show the same behaviour. So I uninstalled ENTIRE CIS, reinstalled again, and the same behaviour persisted, but now every time I open Dragon browser, it tries to download the zip:

That has two files: chksum.json and ctrl-06-22-url.db, I dont’t know what it is and why it try to do so.

Then as a last resort I’ve uninstalled ALL again, and deleted manually all the registry entries that had “comodo” and “dragon” keywords, cleaned the registry with a cleaner program, installed CIS again, and STILL both keyboards in Secure Shopping doesn’t work, and Dragon tries to download the same zip file. What should I do now ??

Hello viktor92k,

Thank you for reporting.We will check this issue,Please let me know your CIS version?
Have a nice day!


Thank you.

Hello viktor92k,

Thank you for your response.Let me check that and return back to you.

Is there any additional information that I can provide to you ?

Hello viktor92k, No please wait.

@viktor92k, Those files are belonging from CD library of CIS and it’s a browser application that downloads it’s content through the browsers itself.If you delete the Comodo online security in the sense,it will not appears.It’s an normal behavior.Further if you want any help, Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hello viktor92k,

Regarding your bug report is there’s any updates from your side?
Have a nice day!

I’ve tried some weeks ago reinstalling Secure Shopping again, but the malfunction of both keyboards, virtual and real, persist, so it’s unusable

Hello viktor92k,

Okay,thank you for your response.Could you please check your inbox via PM and share us the requested details.
Thanks in advance.

Hello viktor92k,

Thank you for providing the requested log and details.We will check that and notify you.
Have a nice day!

Shopping securisé ne fonctionne pas chez moi .J’ai eu le même problème avec la version beta 1

Je suis toujours avec la version CIS 8012.

Ci-joint le lien de la version de CSS (1.4.478445.159) associée à CIS 8012:

Peut-être pourriez-vous désinstaller la version de CSS fournie avec la beta 1, réinstaller cette version et voir si ça fonctionne en croisant les doigts.
Si ça ne fonctionne pas ce serait très ennuyeux et pénalisant.

Hi AZ67,

Thank you for reporting.
Refer the below link to download CSS.

Kindly let us know your feedback.