Secure Shopping does not create icon in system tray when CIS installed

If I install CSS on its own, the “vdcss.exe -tray” command works correctly and I can access CSS settings from the icon in the system tray. However, if I subsequently install CIS, the command does not work. The vdcss command on its own WILL start the CSS container but the -tray qualifier has no effect. I have tried installing CIS first then CSS and also the other way round.

CIS version
CSS version 1.3.443498.142 (file 1.3.50282.142)

Once CIS is installed CSS settings are found and configured within CIS under advanced protection, the CSS tray is for standalone installs without CIS. So the tray use is overridden by CIS and becomes non-functional.

Yes, I was aware of the Secure Shopping entry on the main CIS Advanced Settings page. Unfortunately this does not seem to offer the same options as the standalone one. In particular it only offers “Default browser” and “Mozilla Firefox” as browser options. It does NOT offer COMODO IceDragon which I also have installed, whereas the standalone configuration does. I suppose my issue is that the CIS configuration for CSS is not the same as the standalone one.

Does the CIS widget list all installed browsers? It looks like an issue with CIS/CSS not seeing all browsers based on how CIS and/or CSS is installed in a certain order maybe?

Yes, the widget shows all installed browsers (Firefox and iceDragon), as does the toolbar in the CSS desktop.

I think you’ll find that if you reinstall the browser, it should create the linkage between CIS and CSS. It certainly has worked for me with Dragon

Thanks. I tried the following:

  1. Remove IceDragon
  2. Reboot
  3. Install IceDragon
  4. Reboot

IceDragon shows up in the widget and CSS desktop, but NOT in configuration.

I then installed Dragon and it DOES appear in the configuration, so this would seem to be a problem specific to IceDragon.

Please check with Comodo Internet Security v11.0.0.6644 - BETA.