Secure Email Uninstaller fails to uninstall the Secure Emails LSPs

COMODO SE uninstaller fails to uninstall the LSPs.

The uninstaller produces a message to that effect and when you press OK it continues to uninstall the rest of the product.

This effect of this failure came to light when I switched the Sandbox on in CIS V4. Messages were being displayed when starting various programs (browsers and email etc) that CIS was sandboxing COMODOSE even though it was uninstalled.
I eventually reinstalled COMODO SE to stop the pop-ups.

Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 32 Bit (all fixes applied)
CIS V4.1.150349.920 (but uninstall failure happened on previous versions)
CSE (failure also happened on previous versions) - LSP Mode
Other security software Windows Defender, WinPatrol

Other information that may be relevant:
I have used CSE from its inception so the problems may occur due to previous uninstalls failing to clean up properly.
I have only noticed this problem since version 2.5 was introduced.

Any advice from the developers on how to clean up the LSPs after the uninstall would be appreciated.
Important to add that the failure to clean up the LSPs has not affected the internet connection speed so I would like a definitive solution not a tentative one.

I can post a list of the LSPs if you require them.

Thanks in anticipation

Regards Peroulades


I believe that CSE will only uninstall correctly if it is done on an Admin account in Vista.
Uninstallation on a Standard user account in Vista gives the LSP error descrbed and fails to restore the LSPs to what they were prior to CSE installation.

Disappointed that Developers have not acknowledged this Bug post.