Secure Email tests and problems


I think I’m set up properly, the installation went smoothly, but it has been months since I’ve attempted to use the Secure Email product. Here’s my situation:

I can sign, but not encrypt emails:

Situation: The recipient doesn’t have my signature on file, nor do I have theirs, so I get an error message when trying to encrypt and send secure email.

AND the website that’s supposed to serve as an intermediary in this situation is never invoked.

I worked with tech support for a long time to get this functioning, but could never test it. It seems one of the problems with the product is that it doesn’t work for HTTP mail and in server farms where the admin folk don’t want to hassle with it.

Anybody out there willing to try and send signed-encrypted messages to test???

Can somebody explain why the intermediate website isn’t invoked so I can send encrypted mail to people w/o certs???

Screenshot of current config attached.

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