Secure Email Dormancy


This project appears to be somewhat dormant. Had expected another Beta or RC by now.

I’m quite keen to get other people to try this product but it’s difficult to ask others to install the software when there are existing problems with Windows Update and some anti-virus programs.

Is it a case of other products taking priority?

Is there anybody there ???

Regards, V

not dormant at all…
a lot of progress is being made by the developers…
soon you will see some more activity…


Hi valldemossa, :slight_smile:

We are continuing to develop the product and improve the quality of the code.

A new beta version will be out in 1 to 2 weeks with support for TLS/SSL. It has been fairly complicated to get a suitable SSL solution.

Expect a new version soon.

Kind Regards,

Hi Shane,

Thanks for that.

Will the Windows Update and Anti-Virus issues be addressed?

Regards, V

Hi valldemossa,

The Windows Update issue was fixed shortly after being reported. Compatibility with other applications is more complex issue.

We support the major AV applications and are constantly working to support as many as possible. A full list of AV we have tested with will be included with the next release with SSL support.

Kind Regards,

Hi Shane,

Four weeks on, is the next Beta release any closer?

Regards, V

Hi valldemossa,

A few weeks on and a suitable solution for the SSL version hasn’t been proven to work correctly. Technically we can supply encryption however we have a few CN trust issues to resolve, and at this point we don’t have an exact ETA.

Rest assured, we are working hard to find a good user-friendly solution.

Kind Regards,

Shane. (:NRD)